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About Us

StrikeWorks is a Web Development & Design business started out of New Orleans, Louisiana. StrikeWorks specializes in web development, graphic design, marketing & SEO products. At the moment, we are a new business startup and offering job opportunities to the creative personalities. If your business needs some extra jazz to it, StrikeWorks solutions is the best for you.

Lightning Fast

Our tasks are done in a quick and professional matter.

You’re going to love it

StrikeWorks offers extra plugins and packages to your website for no cost.

Beautiful Animations

All of our creations are usually cleanly animated to impress.

Huge Time Saver

Working with us will save you and your company a lot of time and effort.

Our Services

Web Development

We strive to build your website to impress at StrikeWorks. Our technology is used to make your business look as great as possible.

Marketing & SEO

Along with the building of your dream website, we carry along SEO to index your page to potential clients.

Design & CSS

Design is what always will keep a potential client viewing your website. We, at StrikeWorks will design your website to your specific need.

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